Young Justice Season 3: Impossible Is Nothing


That’s right guys and gals!!

You read that right!!

This is no gimmick, no false hope, no mental trick, no perversion of anticipation.

Young Justice, the long beloved DC property of fans around the globe, is officially in production on its third season! This is a groundbreaking event to break the ground of all events. Young Justice is a dynamic, animated, half hour show focusing on the sidekicks of all the major heroes we usually digest tales about, along with some other sidekick types. The core team is comprised of Robin (turned Nightwing in season 2), Superboy (Connor Kent, cloned from Superman’s DNA), Kid Flash (Wally West version), Miss Martian (the niece of Martian Manhunter), Red yj1Arrow (Roy Harper and his, er, complication), Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm, protege of Aquaman with connection to Black Manta), and Artemis (mysterious protege of Green Arrow).

More characters were introduced along the way (Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Impulse and others) and we even got teased with a return of the prodigious Static Shock himself, plus some friends of his in relation to Cadmus. It was painful to see it all go, but it’s such a delight to see it truly begin to return.

No network has been announced yet, or a premiere date, but that is to come. Mere detail. Icing on the cake of its astonishingly heralded return.

But this is so much bigger than a cartoon returning to air. There is great relevance to this saga.

Through the exceptionally stunning combination of masterful storytelling, emphatic voice acting, and brilliant animating sequence production (not to mention an iconic score that gives any animated film a run for its money), what was supposed to be a space filler in the Cartoon Network time slot became a hit phenomenon. Running from 2011-2013, Young Justice soared unbound in its excellence and swelling fandom, seemingly destined to walk in the footsteps of legendary cartoons of old, carving out five or six seasons as it made a name for itself.
Then, abruptly, through secret business complications the fans would never truly know about and thyj3e flimsy excused that toys weren’t selling up to par, Young Justice disappeared. Gone. Poof. Just like that. It’s no secret to any comicbook fan that DC has been struggling in the legacy department lately. Animation had always been their strongest point from Static Shock, to Teen Titans, to Legion of Superheroes, to Batman Beyond, to the Zeta Project, and both incarnations of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Regardless of what happened on the TV or cinematic screens, their animation world stayed sharp. Until everyone lost their minds and Saturday morning cartoons ceased being a thing. Followed by the petering off of various DC shows, concluding with JLU ending in 2011. Not to mention the disastrous so called gifts of Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go (I still have nightmares about those travesties… at least Beware the Batman is off the air). 

Young Justice was the one great hope and it was snuffed away. Cancelled.
And thus began what will now be praised as one of the greatest internet campaigns in history. For three years, the fans of Young Justice kept strong vigilance upon demanding the shows return. yj5We went viral on instagram. We went viral on twitter. We retweeted actors’ tweets about it. We blogged, we shared posts, we tweeted Warner Bros. directly. First season hit Netflix and we watched the mess out of it. Second season hit Netflix and we excessively watched that too. THEN, about two and a half years in, the team behind Young Justice told us to watch both seasons on Netflix to prove the value of the show. So what did we do? WE WATCHED THEM AGAIN! And we got other people watching them. Young Justice became Gospel and we became Parishioner.

In this third year, we began to lose enthusiasm. Not desire mind you… enthusiasm. It just didn’t seem like DC/WB were actually invested in us. And then with the disaster of Batman V Superman followed by the underwhelming (and slightly fan offensive) rendering of The Killing Joke, we just felt slapped in the face. And, though we still posted, shared, and watched, we also began to deal with another- darker- reality.

Maybe they just didn’t care.

And when someones doesn’t care… you can’t make them.
A dead end. Or so it seemed.

Until today.

November 7th, 2016.

We got the official word that a third season, headed up by the same team, is actually in production. I could cry. This represents care. This represents acknowledgement. In the midst of Bat-Arrows and Rebirths, 5 minute seeds and naysayers who have inside information, we’ve been given a true gem. This is an amazing victory. An amazing story ABOUT story.

Whatever you’re hoping for, working towards, or believing fervently in anticipation of… stick to it. Keep grinding it out. Adjust as you must, but don’t yield an inch. Even if your enthusiasm reaches zero, keep your effort at 100.

Impossible truly is nothing.

Because, as epic as this news is, the actual wonder of it all lies in the infinitude of a single question…

Who knows what this could lead to…?



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