Comicboiz - Xmen: The Worst X-man Ever

Xmen: Worst X-Man Ever #1 – Review

Xmen: Worst X-Man Ever #1

Comic Review

Comicboiz - Xmen: The Worst X-man Ever
Xmen issue #1 of 5

Xmen: Worst X-man Ever

Written By: Max Bemis

Illustrated By: Michael Walsh

     What can I say about this comic? For one, it falls in the handful of comics in which I actually like the writing. I suppose that was going to be a given considering I’m a huge fan of Max Bemis’ lyrics from his band Say Anything. Once (and still) a musician, now a comic book author, Bemis does not disapoint! He gives Xmen justice! The one thing I could not get passed was the moments he used over descriptive speech for characters that I wouldn’t believe talk like that. Once I disassociated myself with the few characters I could see Max through, the dialogue was actually believable.

This take on Xmen is interesting to say the least. Bemis breaks the fourth wall… I guess. It’s more like drilling a peephole through the fourth wall. His style is clever, and the comedic undertones made the dramatic plot points much more comfortable. That technique can actually be found through a lot of classic comic books like Xmen or Spiderman, which made this one feel authentic. I’m not saying that newer books don’t do the same, but I liked seeing Bemis pull it off.

I’ll get off the topic of writing, but I don’t have much to say about the illustration. Michael Walsh’s work was fitting for a comic book, but I don’t quite like the sketchy kind of art style. I would have preferred a cleaner look for an Xmen series, but not the super digital stuff you’d see in Marvel’s tentpol comics. However, the elemental art does pair well with Bemis’ lively storyline.

I recommend buying this comic. The whole team behind this series truly has something special going for them. This is a limited series of only five issues, but don’t wait! You can find out where to buy the comic on Marvel’s website here.


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