Russo Brothers Reveal Which Side Doctor Strange Is On!

Captain America: Civil War is rapidly approaching and some of us want to know which other superheros are on Team Cap or Team Iron. Well, Directors Joe and Anthony Russo wrote on Facebook today saying which team Doctor Strange was on! It would be cool if they started telling us which other superheros were on what side; nevertheless, its still cool to see. You can catch Stephen Strange in his own solo film this Fall!



“Before he met the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange was an unlikable and egotistical neurosurgeon. Everything changes when a car accident limits Strange’s use of his hands, sending him on a maddening quest for a miracle cure. This origin story introduces the magical and mystical realms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, 2016

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016

Source: Facebook via The Russo Bros

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