WB Planning A Big Oscar Push For ‘WONDER WOMAN’!

After Gal Gadot became a household name with the thunderous reception to this year’s Wonder Woman and Patty Jenkins receiving praise from every warm-blooded member of the Hollywood elite, Warner Bros attempts to earn their second and third Academy Awards for a film within their DC Extended Universe (the first going to Alessasndro Bertolazzi, Girgeo Gregorini and Christopher Nelson for Best Makeup and Hair-styling in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

The film has already broken the symbolic glass ceiling by becoming the first superhero film to be lead/directed by a female as well as the highest-grossing film in the DCEU. Now, the creative forces that be are looking to aim straight for the biggest night in Hollywood with a huge campaign to garner enough praise and admiration from the Academy and add some Oscars to the ever-growing list of accolades for the much-deserving Wonder Woman.

This will be a very expensive endeavor for Warner Bros, as they aim to try and get as many eyes on this film as necessary. With films that gain the most attention during awards season usually not usually being huge blockbusters, it will be difficult for DC and Warner Bros to escape the stigma that usually accompanies a superhero genre.

Warner Bros has previously submitted a DC film for consideration with the stunning and jaw-dropping portrayal of the Joker in 2008’s The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger posthumously winning Best Supporting Actor at the 2009 Oscars.

Source: Variety

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