Is This the VR You’re Looking For?


EA Games has announced that in November of this year, they will be releasing a Rogue One Virtual Reality Mission for their titular Battlefront game.


Battlefront is currently available on XBox One/360, PS4, and PC. However, the VR mission is strictly for the PS4 version and will be presented as free content to all Battlefront game owners upon release. The only extra purchase you may have to make is the actual VR headset. The game itself is a reboot of the original two-game Battlefront franchise, which was a cult classic among gamers of all sorts, shapes, sizes, and intergalactic species.


While originally expected for their to be a third game in the series, the gigantic game changer that nobody saw coming was- obviously- Star Wars being purchased by Disney. Once that transaction took place, every operation came to a screeching halt. The entire LucasArts department actually got temporarily shut down, while Disney adjusted to its new mantle. Eventually they got things running again, and the first creation from Disney Wars (Star Mouse??) was Battlefront.


However, rather than picking up where the other left off, they started over entirely. They retooled all of the gameplay and objectives… much to the chagrin of the original franchise fans. They made it flashy and cool and “easy to pick up and play.”

Which has become notorious gamer code for “predictable.” They have also followed the trend of making the DLC (downloadable content) for purchase, rather than presenting it as a merit reward for extraordinary gameplay. However, the game sells and has a new fanbase and so that is that it would seem.

Another story for another time.

The new VR is what’s exciting.

Beyond the obvious heralding of the upcoming film “Rogue One” this Christmas, the VR presents the exquisite opportunity to be IN the Star Wars world. Harkening to Star Tours at Disneyland, the reality is the only thing better than watching or playing Star Wars is BEING in Star Wars.

First we had Star Tours.


Then those Star Wars pod games began circulating.


Now we have a fully functional VR mission heading our way.

If there is one thing both Disney and Star Wars have always done well, it’s technology. I have no doubt that this will surpass anything we’ve seen so far. Which makes me suspect that there is something even MORE incredible hidden up their sleeves. Maybe something that has nothing to do with Battlefront.

Completely thought controlled VR levels?
Accompanying hand and foot gear for greater level interaction?
The ability to play through an entire Star Wars film?
Create your own adventure?

What if Knights of the Old Republic gets the VR treatment?? It would repave the potential of the entire online gaming landscape!


The possibilities are endless.

What do you think?

Will you grab the VR? Will that make Battlefront a more impressive game?

Let us know in the comments!

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