Thunderbolts #1 — Comic Book Review


Issue #1


     Thunderbolts is a new comic released by Marvel. Jim Zub is the writer, Jon Malin is the artist, and Matt Yackey is the colorist.

     Let’s start off with the art. Jon Malin does a great job at illustrating the modern Marvel style, but there is nothing to set it apart from almost every other title in their current catalog. The common art style isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this issue is trying to tell a story. Sometimes the art stands out a little bit too much, which can take away from a good story line. The colors by Matt Yackey are fantastic. There is no one-sided color template (and this is coming from a color-blind person). Every color scheme was necessary to every scene in order to establish the correct mood for the audience.

     Jim Zub chose to write this series in a monologue style. It makes for a good background description for the story. There is an interesting motive for the new Thunderbolts that would have been hard to describe without Zub’s writing. Just as important to the monologue is each character’s dialogue. The Thunderbolts are diverse, and every one of them is appropriately represented through their speech.

     There is a very surprising ending that makes me really want to know what happens next. That’s why I recommend picking up this title, if not for a good read, then to find out what’s happening behind the scenes after the assault on Pleasant Hill.

You can find out more about Thunderbolts #1 at Marvel’s website.

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