‘The Post’ -Review

The Post is a 2017, now Oscar nominated film, directed by Steven Spielberg about when a major newspaper, The Washington Post, gets their hands on classified documents containing government secrets the government decides they will do everything in their power to stop these documents from being printed and released to the public while The Washington Post weigh the odds of what could result in these decisions to print the documents. The film stars Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Bob Odenkirk, and Sarah Paulson.

The story that this film follows and presents is one of the most riveting, and compelling stories I’ve seen this year. Now I must also mention that this film was barely released worldwide, as well as in my city, this past week but was technically released last year to qualify for the awards, but besides that, this movie is truly remarkable and carries tension like no other. Performances from just about everyone in this film are spectacular. Streep and Hanks of course have the greatest chemistry on screen delivering each scene perfectly and building the tension effortlessly, but if there was one performance that really stood out to me was Bob Odenkirk. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never seen Odenkirk as the kind of actor who can really deliver lines or give the kind of performance that is recognized, I think that’s partly due to the fact that I remember him mostly from his Breaking Bad days as Saul Goodman, but regardless he does a terrific job here that in my opinion really stood out.

Films that are told like this in a newsroom often to me either excite me or bore me. I really don’t ever fall into the middle ground where I think they’re alright. With Zodiac and Spotlight, those were both movies I truly enjoyed and had me gripped from beginning to end wondering what would happen next scene after scene, minute after minute until we finally got answers. The final act of this movie is so intense and so captivating I was overwhelmed and felt my heart racing on many occasions. The content and tension that the film contain is something that with a combination of directing, dialogue, music, and camera work that packs an incredible ending that gives such a sense of relief.

This film is by no means absolutely perfect but was one that built the tension the right way. The real issue I have with this film is that the film can drag for most of the first half of the film. The first 15 minutes or so feel like they’re going on the right track building the story and introducing the characters and how many others feel about them as well but somewhere along the way the interest of the story sort of begins to derail and fall off course. I don’t mean at all that the story strays anywhere but rather it becomes somewhat almost like we’re seeing something that isn’t very integral to the story but could add to it for some viewers. It isn’t until The Pentagon Papers are brought back into play that it really feels like the story is going anywhere and begins to draw the attention that I initially had back.

If there’s anything that could really improve this movie it’d be fixing the giant span of time that made the film somewhat drag. In the end, the film ends up on a very high note and is extremely compelling and full of intense moments. The ending to the movie left my jaw dropped wanting for it to continue. I give The Post a 9/10

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