The Case of the Headless Horseman Review

     The Case of the Headless Horseman


The Case of the Headless Horseman


     The Case of the Headless Horseman is a murder-mystery story from Falling Rock National Park. The creator, Josh Shalek, has a frivolous style of art but contrasts the illustration with sophisticated writing. It seems like Shalek actually uses that irony to showcase the attributes you’d want to see in a comic strip found in the newspaper.
     I found myself laughing multiple times throughout the comic book because of how specific the characters were. Each one of them felt like a real person, even though most of them were animals. Their mannerisms and choice of words were hilarious.
     Despite the more difficult words in the book, I think reading this with a child is a great way to introduce them to the interesting genre of murder-mystery. I believe the illustration is easy for younger audiences to follow while an adult reads and explains the diction.
     All around, The Case of the Headless Horseman is a great book for all ages to enjoy. I recommend checking out for more fun stories! I know I’ll be picking up a few more books to read to my daughter after she’s born. Hopefully, Josh keeps producing this kind of content for at least a couple more years so she can become a fan too.
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