The Adventures of Supergirl

Supergirl roared back to life in its second season pilot premiere “The Adventures of Supergirl.”

Formerly a CBS television production, the kryptonite heiress of preternatural abilities has now migrated over to the home network for several other DC Comics property based series- The CW. Perhaps it is the inherent power of transition or the enchanting bloom of a fresh start, but Supegirl is already better than it’s ever been.

This show is intended to be a “real” show in the emotional exigency and personal investment elicited through the human struggles set in this fantasy world, but it’s also meant to be a show that children can watch. Specifically little girls. That’s a tough act to balance, as you can imagine, and the first season reflected as much. There was a lot of teetering, a lot of near missteps, a lot of flat moments. But, perhaps the most endearing quality of Supergirl herself, they kept pressing forward. They were going somewhere. There was a vision. But most importantly-

They believed in her.

Shying away from the darkness of Arrow, yet not sliding into the wanton levity of Legends of Tomorrow, the team behind Supergirl fought to give her that respected middle ground. The Flash being closest in nature, lacks the specificity of having a female starring protagonist. That one change alters an entire story. But their belief fueled them on.

Melissa Benoist delivered round after round of convincing performances as Kara Danvers/Supegirl the whole way through. It is clear she believed in what Supergirl could be as well.

And now, they’re here.

Season Two.

Not only has the acting been pretty well executed, they have also managed to stubbornly stick to their themes and boy are we glad they have! Sisterhood is at the heart of the show as Kara and Alexandra Danvers (Chyler Leigh) wrestle out what their relationship looks like now that Kara is a full fledged hero. Alexandra works for a government agency and has been protecting Kara for her whole life. Now both she and Kara work for the government, protecting National City. Sisterhood. Family. Beyond all the powers and high end effects, this is what the show is about.

And into this heart melting melee of affection comes a masterful performance by Tyler Hoechin as the Man of Steel himself.

The instant he arrived on the screen, I thought to myself “They’ve figured it out.” This Superman is far from the gritty, misery driven one we’ve been accustomed to in the comics and films as of late. Meshing in perfectly with the DCU Rebirth era, THIS Superman reminds us why he was always dubbed “The Boy Scout.” He’s good, he’s kind, he’s caring, he’s legitimately innocent, appropriately mistrusting of the Luthors and anybody with kryptonite- he’s SUPERMAN!

Now, mind you, Superman was not necessary to legitimize Supergirl. They don’t need him to make the show work. However, showing us THIS Superman grants Supergirl an element she didn’t necessarily have before.


Anything done from here on out, will have a indelible stamp of approval because HE was here. The real Superman. He’s apart of this world that she powerfully inhabits, which means that she operates on a level far higher than anything we may have given her credit for. It’s like showing up to hang out with your friends, but the President of the United States is accompanying you as your plus 1. All your actions from that point on are now perceived in the gravitas which they always have existed in, but haven’t been clearly seen. Now you are seen.

We see you Supergirl.

You have arrested our attentions and gained our trust. We will follow wherever you lead- please make the adventure worthwhile. Please do not resort to gimmicks or lose your voice in the fray of social degeneration and manipulation. Please stand up for actual right, not just the loudest voice claiming to be right. You’re already forging your own path, and in just two episodes you have given us the Superman we deserve… which means that you are MORE than enough for the job. You can save us without him. You can inspire us without him. You just brought him along to verify that you’re the real deal.

To let us know that you see us.

And in return we see you Kara Danvers.

Supergirl of Earth.


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