As fans of this fabulous entity that we call the comic book industry, we have much to be grateful for this year. Amid family dramas, heartaches, beloved celebrity losses, and much, much more, the temptation is to retreat into our mental cave and hide. To insulate ourselves against life with our varied fandoms and never come out.

Which is fine.
The comic book world is as much therapeutic as it is fun and inspirational.

But we can’t forget to be grateful.

Captain America: Civil War was released this year. That was AMAZING! More than happy, I’m grateful for it. It was a phenomenal movie on multiple levels, including the thunderiffic introduction of Black Panther on the big screen.

DC Comics Rebirth launched in May of this year as well. Not only did DC admit to going astray in their superhero storytelling, they then made a concerted, point blank effort to course correct. And they’ve had far more hits than misses.

Spiderman: Homecoming actually got confirmed as a thing! What?! The impossible happened! That spectacular deal struck between Marvel and Fox, granting us access to the famed webslinger in the MCU. Definitely something to be grateful for!


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is shaping up pretty nicely! Every trailer has looked endearing and the whole looks to be an exceptionally thrilling adventure. What a Christmas gift!

Assassin’s Creed the movie looks to be the ideal combination of faithful to the video game source material, and big screen creative adaptation. Releasing just four days before Christmas, there’s plenty of time to indulge our violent streaks before the holy love day. 😀 Also… Fassbender. Need I say more? He’s wonderful.

Luke Cage debuted on Netflix, broke it three times opening weekend, and then continued on to be the highest watched Marvel property over both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It was an incredible show, a nuanced show, a visceral show, and a gritty, yet fun experience. So very, very grateful for that.

Young Justice Season 3 the official announcement of their return might be the biggest news of this year. After three long years of campaigning, and retweets, and lamenting and- well- straight up begging, it’s really coming back! I didn’t actually cry… but I sure wanted to.


These are just a handful of amazing fan things that we have to be grateful for. These are the ones that came quickest to my mind. What about you? What are some of the comic book creations (comics, movies, or otherwise) that you’re really thankful for? Don’t be shy about it! Let us know in the comments! And after that- GO TELL SOMEBODY!

The world could use more simple acts of gratefulness and kindness. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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