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‘Annabelle 3’ Officially Announced At ScareDiego

San Diego Comic-Con kicked off with a thrill on Wednesday night at New Line Cinema’s block of ScareDiego! First, attendees were treated to some exclusive footage of Andy Muschetti’s It: Chapter Two, which apparently was extremely well receieved with fans praising both the adult cast and Bill Hader’s take on adult Richie Hozier. They also showed off footage from upcoming…
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‘Hereditary’ – Review

Hereditary is a 2018 horror film directed by Ari Aster about a family who comes confronted with an unexpected death. Annie still grieving for her mother's death is faced with an even bigger challenge as she begins to unravel some secrets left behind following her mother's death that begins to involve her family. The film…
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First Look Image For ‘The Nun’ Released

People who easily get scared are highly recommended to grab something to cover their faces as 'The Conjuring 2' spin-off 'The Nun' has released its eerie first-look teaser image. On the contrary, 'The Conjuring' fans may be excited seeing the image that shows the awesomely creepy Valak who first appeared in 'The Conjuring 2'. The image sees Valak…
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‘A Quiet Place’ – Review

A Quiet Place is a 2018 horror/thriller directed by John Krasinski set somewhere in the not too distant future where an extraterrestrial life form of some sort has arrived on earth. They hunt and prey whatever they can hear, so the only way to ensure survival is by staying quiet. The film stars John Krasinksi,…
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‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ – Review

Strangers: Prey At Night is a 2018 sequel of the 2008 film the Strangers directed by Johannes Roberts about a family staying in an abandoned trailer park when they suddenly become the target of three masked killers, trying everything they possibly can to get away and survive. The film stars Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Martin…
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