‘SUPERSTORE’ Viral Video – Review

This week was filled with winter premiers, like The Good Place and 9-1-1, but a personal favorite of mine – Superstore, the genius comedy, is back. It’s been a long break without Glenn’s muppet voice, but I survived just long enough to get my Amy-and-Jonah-development fix.

*SPOILERS for Superstore follow*

The subject of viral videos comes up when Jeff addresses the employees in the break room about a kitchen worker posing a video of himself farting in cups… thats right, we’re jumping right back in. Next we see Marcus, Janet, and Jonah watching one of Kelly’s Instagram videos, and Amy chimes in wondering what the big deal is.

After Amy snoops more at her profile, she finally finds out about whatever it is that’s happening with Kelly and Jonah. So naturally she reacts by trying to prove she can be just as likable online – which is met with a pretty hilarious quip from Garrett about self awareness.

Meanwhile, Glenn accuses Mateo of falsifying rewards member applications in order to scam the company, which leads to a string of lies and pretty funny and ironic scenes between the two characters. Also, Dina and Cheyenne uncover some employees online secrets.

My favorite part from the episode comes when everyone regathers in the break room to discuss Amy’s video she posted with rats all over the kitchen. There is a great scene where Kelly and Jonah are talking across the room about the definition of their situation-ship, and when they both decide to label it a ‘relationship’. It’s made great by the camera showing the couple simultaneously saying “great”, with Amy quite literally sitting in the middle of them.

I just hope this dumb side relationship doesn’t distract Jonah too far from his true love, which we all know is Amy. Like most of the shows I’ve watched this week, this one excites me for the remaining episodes to come.

Overall: 9.5/10

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8PM on NBC

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