Do you remember that version of Suicide Squad in the second half of Arrow Season 2? Well, we were tested.

Arrow‘ executive producer, Greg Berlanti, confirmed that ‘Suicide Squad‘ in the second season was a test to see if the concept hitched to the viewers. Thus, Warner Bros. would know whether to give green light to make the film or not.

‘Suicide Squad’ is the highest grossing film in August, even with mixed reviews.

In the TV version of the Skwad, we had Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel, Cupid and Amanda Waller, with a super special cameo of Harley Quinn, as a gift for fans. Diggle was joined to this team.

This confirmation comes through Berlanti interview with Vulture, where he says how the story was.

Sometimes, or he has other executives mention that to us. They said to us a year and a half before they started developing Suicide Squad, “Will you guys put [a version of] the Suicide Squad in your show? Because we want to have it as a film at some point.

This means, while tv and film in DC/Warner are two different things, one can influence the development of the other.

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