Suicide Squad 

Directed by: David Ayer

Written by: David Ayer


     ‘Suicide Squad’ has been a much anticipated film for a couple years now due to a new Joker and our first live action appearance of Harley Quinn; however, critics tore this movie apart by giving it a %33 rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. DC Fans were outraged at the thought of a new DC movie getting bad reviews since Christopher Nolan’s Batman series were box office hits, so they petitioned for Rotten Tomatoes to be shut down. At first, I thought, maybe it will be amazing because the fans are so passionate about this film, but when i saw it it all made sense. Now I know what you’re going to say, “Oh Derek, it was amazing. F*** you!” but if you think about it, it wasn’t what it was all hyped up to be. There were definitely some awesome moments don’t get me wrong but there were more problems than not.

The plot for this film fell through, just like with ‘Batman v Superman’. Too. Many. Plot. Lines. First of all, you have the Joker trying to get Harley Quinn back, that (in my opinion) could have been the main story line and would have been super badass. Then you have the Enchantress story line, which (again in my opinion) fell through. Cara Delevingne portrayed Enchantress in the movie and I feel as though her acting was off. The Enchantress is supposed to be all powerful but they made her so easy to defeat. We spent all this time leading up to the last fight scene and it was over with a snap of the fingers.


Moving on to some characters I were slightly annoying. Killer Croc was way too cheesy and not menacing enough. I feel like they tried to hard to make him seem more human than Crocodile, and that to me was a little hard to watch. Enchantress, enough said. Finally, Katana, I felt was under used due to the fact that she hardly did anything. She was supposed to be Rick Flags right hand and instead she just talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. She definitely could have been a little more brutal because guess what, HER SWORD CAPTURES THE SOULS OF HER ENEMIES, and we didn’t really get to see that much of it.

As you’re reading this, you’re probably think to yourself I 100% hated everything about this movie, FALSE! I actually enjoyed most of the film. The Joker is what made this movie for me. He was so unique and different than most of the Jokers we see in other installments. Harley and his chemistry was unsettling and fun, I really wanted to see more. I have to give it up for Jared Leto, he really made the Joker his own and it surely scared the crap out of me in some sequences. I will see this film again purely because of Leto’s Joker. Moving on to Harley Quin, Bravo Margot Robbie, Bravo. She absolutely nailed this role. From her cheesy one liners, to her badass fight scenes, and finally her look made it all for an amazing Harley Quinn.

Overall this movie was a let down but it had some great moments and awesome characters. DC just needs to get their story telling down because their character casting has been spot on since Henry Cavill’s Superman. Hopefully ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ will show some change when it comes to story telling. Thank you guys for reading and let me know what you guys think of the movie. Remember, this is my personal opinion, this was not meant to offend anyone.

Rating: 6/10


‘Suicide Squad’ is in theaters now!


  1. I mostly feel the same way with everything but the joker I could’ve done with a lot less of him I’m not sure why but he killed the movies for me.

  2. As I’ve mentioned before, Leto and Margot in a joker origins or something to that effect would have been so much stronger.

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