Stranger Things

Written by: Matt & Ross Duffer

Netflix’s newest TV series about a boy who goes missing and more strange things happen in the small town of Hawkins. I generally love sci-fi shows and this one had everything I wanted in it. It was 80’s-esque and you feel that with the setting and atmosphere. It feels like a real small town in the 80’s with the set design, characters, props, etc. But one of my favorite aspects of this show that felt 80’s was the score. The composers created an incredible score that gave you chills in intense scenes and also emotional weight in many other scenes. Also the 80’s soundtrack featuring popular tracks from the time period added even more feel to it. The camera work and technical aspects are nearly perfect with almost every scene having a push in, slow moving zooms, or pans to create a feeling of uneasiness. Also the cinematography is gorgeous especially during night scenes. The Duffer Brother’s created, directed, and wrote nearly every episode and you can tell they put so much passion into their work. Not only them, but every actor was passionate in their roles like Winona Ryder who played her mother character so well. I was so surprised with all the child actors especially 12 year old Millie Bobby Brown who carries most of the mystery on her shoulders. She’s absolutely incredible in every single scene. This show has a straightforward plot line, but I was surprised it had so much emotional weight added to it. The episodes build each character up to be layered and well realized. Ep. 4 and ep. 8 really proved to be the most emotional episodes and nearly had me at tears. Yes this show may not be extremely original, but it’s executed so well. I love pretty much everything about it and yes that goes with some nostalgia, but without that, it’s still an amazing show. Stranger Things is a near perfect show and it’s a must see!

Rating: 9/10


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