‘Star Wars’ Netflix Series Has Almost Reached 200k Signatures!

If you’re like me, ‘Star Wars‘ and it’s extended universe, the Old Republic, is some of the most amazing stories ever written. From Revan, Darth Malgus, Malak, Old Jedi Order, and Darth Bane (WHO IS CANON NOW), I’ve waited for the day until they showed up on screen. Well that dream may become a reality!

A petition has been going around saying that fans across the spectrum want a Netflix series based on the stories of the Old Republic, which popped up around last year and now, is almost at $200,000 signatures! Whether or not it becomes a set-in-stone act, this could be a really great way for Disney to tell this story that fans have been craving for. It’s time to leave the Skywalker saga for a while and focus on the history of the ‘Star Wars‘ universe! You can sign the petition here.

Would you guys like to see a Netflix show based on the Old Republic? Let us know down below!


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