‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the ninth installment in the Star Wars saga in which we finally continue the amazing story that was introduced to us in The Force Awakens. The story picks up relatively close to where we ended it, and in this film Rey finds Luke and she must convince him to go to the Resistance and help fight off The First Order, all while the Resistance is evading ships. The film stars Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and Kelly Marie Tran and this film is spectacular.

From the first shot until the last I was locked into this film and I was never once bored with it. The film itself is one of the best shot, best choreographed, and best written films in the series. Everything about this film feels electric and astounding. Daisy Ridley as always gives off an amazing performance, she left me breathless. She goes all in to this movie and fully commits, she plays one of the best protagonists I have ever seen in these films.

Mark Hamill returns for good in this movie and he left me with my jaw dropped. He is fantastic in this film, his performance alone gave me chills, and even moved me to tears. This is a character that I grew up with since I was a little boy, so seeing him in  this film almost felt like seeing an old friend. What they do with the character of Luke in this film is something I have been wanting to see in these films for years, this is not a film that holds onto the reigns and keeps a tight grip on the characters for the sheer purpose to ensure they make another film.

This movie does a lot of great stuff and is a pretty damn entertaining film. I started watching this film wondering if I would even stay awake. As soon as that clock hit 12:01 I was wide awake, I was locked in, and I was taken to a galaxy far, far away. The visuals in this movie are some of the most gorgeous cinematography and special effects I’ve ever seen in sci-fi. There is one specific scene in this movie that I can remember almost perfectly and wish I could see on an infinite loop. I will not spoil it due to the fact that this is one of the most integral parts of the entire movie, but it did have sort of a samurai looking quality to it. If you watch any of the lightsaber battle sequences in any of the Star Wars films you can notice that they usually contain a lot of close ups, and extremely quick cuts. They have perfected the most entertaining parts of these films.

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren is easily one of the most interesting parts of this trilogy as he plays the most conflicted character and he’s very unpredictable in this film which was perfect. There was a lot of specific moments in this film where his inner conflicts really shine off the screen and pulls at your hearts. You never really know where they’re heading with this character and what they finally do with this characters towards the end of this film is stunning.

The last hour of this film is perfect, in that last hour of the film you learn a lot of things and you experience a lot as well. I will say this is one of the most consistent films I’ve seen where the entire last hour does not break your attention. It did an excellent job with the ending and an amazing job with the entire third act. Everyone’s performances are amazing in the whole movie.

The only real issue I have with this movie is that there is a subplot that is introduced with the character of Finn and Rose which I will not mention due to it being a very key part of the film’s ending, but it lasts throughout most of the film, my issue is not the sub plot but how we are eased into it. You gotta understand that the whole time this subplot is starting we are also seeing Luke on screen for the first time in two years so as the film cuts back to this sub plot over and over again you kinda feel like you’d rather see Luke and Rey and you just gotta wait for that scene to be over. I’m not saying that sub plot is bad, it’s actually very good, but with an audience that has been waiting to see this character for two years it may be distracting. Now, as the film continues that sub plot does get more interesting and it does make the whole film entertaining. Just the beginning of that sub plot has a slow pacing.

Overall, Star Wars:The Last Jedi is the most pleasing sequels I have ever seen. It has amazing performances, great shots, and a breathtaking ending that I will never forget. After it was over I immediately wanted to watch it again and again. Rian Johnson crafted the perfect film for Star Wars lovers everywhere and this is a film I’m sure will please everyone. I give The Last Jedi a 9.5/10. And to all my fellow Star Wars fans seeing it this weekend May the Force be with you.

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