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‘Tomb Raider’ – Review

Tomb Raider is 2018 reboot and video game adaptation of a widely known video game that has been around since the 90's. 7 years after the disappearance of her father she decides it is time to give up looking for him. After she finds a clue left behind from her father she decides she has to find him and goes to the very location where he is believed to be dead. The film stars Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, and Daniel Wu.

Going into this film I really did not have any high expectations due to the fact that a lot of films in the past that have attempted video game adaptations usually fail horrendously. The latest one before this that I can really think of was Warcraft (2016), as it was crafted in a fashion that only real fans of the serious understood it. In my opinion adaptations need to be made so they can be understood by everyone and crafted like any other movie where the audience learns about these characters and can catch on. I'm a big fan of the Tomb Raider series, I have been since I can remember and I must say this is probably the best and most faithful adaptation I've seen, although that does not make it an amazing film.

I will start with the positive because there definitely is a lot to enjoy with this film. It's a fun movie. From beginning to end there is not many dull moments, the film is packed with a lot of action and a pretty decent enough story to keep my attention for the two hour run time. There is a lot of stuff in this movie that physics wise would really not be possible at all, but it was never really anything that pulled me out of the film. It was a fun, action movie that never really seemed so out of this world that it distracted me so badly. If you watch this film for the pure enjoyment of an action movie you will definitely enjoy yourself.

I must give praise for the performance that the beautiful Alicia Vikander gives in this movie because she did so much of a better job than Jolie. I recently watched those films before this one and looking back at how goofy and silly those movies are honestly made me A�cringe. The character of Lara Croft has definitely been one that has been over sexualized in those films which definitely takes away from the actual story for me and is even a distraction in many scenes as they decide to focus on that more. Vikander's performance was one I definitely took so much more serious in a way that deserved praise. Everything about her performance reminded me so much of growing up playing these video games and thinking this was the perfect choice for this character.

This film doesn't have any major thing that made it terrible, just a few things that I am nitpicking at. First I want to talk about Daniel Wu in this film because after the first act he is not needed AT ALL. His character is introduced as a way to get us from point A to point B, he is in the film for the sole purpose of getting her to the island where her father is expected to be, and he's useful for that purpose but after that he is thrown in random moments throughout the film even though he's not really needed. His character is even believed to be dead at one scene and shows up the next as if he is needed for the story to work at all, which really bugged me more than it probably should have.

Another thing this film needed a little bit of work on was our antagonist, Mathias Vogel, portrayed by Walton Goggins. I do not blame him for this as I've seen him as a villain and I know he can be villainous. I rather blame the writers. There was never a moment in this film where he felt like he carried any sort of tension of dark presence. We don't really learn much about him either, anything that could've added depth and a brooding essence to this character is absent which makes for a weak villain.

Overall this is a fun film that can be enjoyed if you watch without any high expectations. Action sequences are fun, performances are pretty good for the most part. I would recommend this film for a good time with some mindless fun.


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