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‘Strangers: Prey at Night’ – Review

Strangers: Prey At Night is a 2018 sequel of the 2008 film the Strangers directed by Johannes Roberts about a family staying in an abandoned trailer park when they suddenly become the target of three masked killers, trying everything they possibly can to get away and survive. The film stars Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, Martin Henderson, and Lewis Pullman.

Ia��ll just start this by saying that this was one of the most moronic, dumbest, and unnecessary sequel Ia��ve ever seen. This is essentially a slasher film (not a good one, I might add), I love slasher flicks because therea��s something about them that has an unnerving feeling. With complicated horror involving supernatural and otherworldly things ita��s easy to walk away unafraid because therea��s no real feeling of authenticity there. When I watched the first Scream film I was only 8 years old, there was something about that film that felt real, it could happen. Whoa��s to say some crazy nut cana��t dress up and kill people? The first Strangers film was a film I enjoyed because of that, ita��s not something completely impossible. It can happen. And when a film like that can create a story with the tension and intensity that it does it makes it fun, memorable, and at times truly horrifying. This film has none of that. There are sequences in this film that are shown that I truly was bored out of my mind. There was one sequence with a pool, which I wona��t spoil but was about the only scene shown that felt genuinely fun.

One of the biggest things in this film that truly bothered me more than it probably should have was how utterly stupid the writing was. Let me ask you something. How many times have you ever been watching a horror film where many of the characters will mention how theya��re phones dona��t have service? Just about every modern horror movie. Why is this? Because the writing requires it for the film to work as a whole. If the main character calls for help right off the bat the movie would not work because the plot is foiled and our antagonist can not carry out his intentions. There are multiple instances in this film where our main protagonists really actually have the convenience of finding a way to get help. They are scattered EVERYWHERE in this film. Phones, cars, you name it. It is so utterly ridiculous how long this film actually goes as long as it does. Ita��s only about 85 minutes but Ia��ve seen films that run nearly 3 hours that have gone by faster than this one. There was one scene so bad and overacted that made everyone in the audience literally laugh from how bad it was.

The characters are about as interesting as a brick wall. Occasionally there is some scenes where the characters do show a bit of a personality that does feel authentic but even then they ruin it as they constantly kept cutting back to show the ones that no one really cared about.

Therea��s not much I can even say about how this film works as a sequel because it really carries absolutely no connection to the first film. Honestly, therea��s tons of moments in this film that if I did not know better I would assume it was made by fans of the original, but ita��s not. I would not be surprised if this spawns a franchise with a shitty sequel that comes out every year like Saw because it seems like the Insidious franchise is also headed down that road.

Overall, this film doesna��t have anything to offer but a few laughs. It has a boring set up, the kills arena��t even fun, the acting is way over the top and the ending itself was something that literally made me wonder if a child had written it. I give Strangers: Prey at Night a 2.5/10.

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