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‘Love, Simon’ – Review

"Love, Simon" Review: A Pleasant Surprise

Love, Simon is a 2018 coming of age film about Simon, a young but ambitious teenager, holding on to a secret that hea��s not quite ready to let go of yet, that hea��s gay. When another person at his school anonymously declares that he is also gay ,under the alias Blue, he finds himself falling in love with him through emails. The film stars Nick Robinson, Katherine Langford, Josh Duhamel, Jennifer Garner, and Keiynan Lonsdale.

"Love, Simon" Review: A Pleasant Surprise

I will be honest as possible when I say I walked into this movie with low expectations. Not because of the trailers, or any marketing for it at all, but because I had spent the days before watching two movies that heavily disappointed but this film was great! The story that this film carries is not only something that I think everyone can relate to in the aspect of keeping a secret from everyone but also finding and expressing your true self. Ita��s not even just about the gay aspect of it, but in general. Characters struggling to hold secrets in, friends doing what they can to help others, and the true essence of what a high school environment is like.

I will say this film felt very real, which I loved. Therea��s movies that have released in the past few years that attempt to sort of capture the a�?high school experiencea�? and the environment it takes place in, and therea��s not very many that succeed, (Kelly Fremon Craiga��s, a�?Edge of Seventeena�? is one that does perfectly, I might add), but this film does in a way that feels almost natural. Like wea��re following the lives of 4 friends and their friendship.

I mentioned earlier how I think this is a film that everyone can relate to in a way, and I meant that. Therea��s been many moments in my life where Ia��ve kept secrets and letting them out sort of feels like a weight has been lifted. Most of the entirety of the film as he carries this secret with him, we are as well, so when his secret is let out it felt much like we as the audience are experiencing it with him. The weight shifts in a different way as we are watching it and was something that I cana��t even put into words.

If anyone remembers my review for Call Me By Your Name I mentioned a scene involving Michael Stuhlbarg talking to his son Elio as he offers his comfort and advice in a way that encourages him to be himself. There was a scene in this towards the third act involving Josh Duhamel, who plays Simona��s father, which reminded me of the scene from Call Me By Your Name in a more apologetic way that felt more fitting for this film. It woulda��ve been easy to add more dialogue and make it more heartfelt but this film does carry a sense of humor in it and I think it fit in a way that was memorable and not over the top.

As for issues that I had with this film they were very minimal looking back on it but during the film felt huge. In the first act therea��s a character of a Vice Principal played by Tony Hale who was in it A LOT. Just about every other scene had him in it as sort of a humorous device to relieve some tension, which was a good choice in my opinion, but somewhere in between the first and second act hea��s dropped like a child tired of a toy. He disappears for a long time and then only shows up about once or twice after that. I do think it was a better choice to get rid of the humorous dialogue as we neared the second half of the film but is transitioned in a way that almost feels like he was forced completely out of the script.

Another thing I did not feel was done right was the consequences our antagonist must face for what he does.A� He does something that truly can and has caused people to not only kill themselves but traumatizing them for life. After he does so there was never really any major consequence he has to deal with at all. Ita��s almost like theya��ve completely ignored his actions and made no attempt to even.

Overall, Ia��d say this is a very great film with a wonderful story and an even better message that encourages people to be themselves, and even offering a comforting tone for people who feel like they cana��t. Ita��s charming, smart and very beautifully told.

Rating: 7.5

"Love, Simon" comes out 2018

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