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‘Deadpool 2’ – Review

Deadpool 2 is a 2018 sequel directed by David Leitch which continues the story of the merc with a mouth that we've all come to know and love. When a man from the future by the name of Cable travels back in time to kill a young mutant named Firefist it is up to Deadpool and a group of rag tag mutants to stop him. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beets, and Julian Dennison.

I love the character of Deadpool and the idea of just an anti-hero in general. I will start off with how good the story is. The story is great. It's something that we definitely seen before (The Terminator), but all the same this film does put it's own unique twist on it and plays it off in a way I didn't expect. It's well paced and does a wonderful job of keeping the story just as interesting as the action sequences that are spread throughout. I remember seeing the first film and thinking about how the foundation for that film was really the relationship between Vanessa and Wade, and I loved that in that film. This film does attempt to do that again, but I will go more into that in a moment.

The characters in this film were just as great as the story. I will say I was definitely excited to see some more of Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus but it seems like this film just decided to sort of take a backseat with them because they're really not in it as much as they make it out to be. The banter is still there, and they're story line definitely does have a part in this film but I really think they probably got more screen time in the first film. Domino, a new mutant in this film, who's superpowers are technically "luck", makes her first appearance in this film and I absolutely loved her. She is charismatic and carries a strong presence in every scene as a great supporting character. Deadpool is better than ever in this film but what really surprised me with this film is they've almost touched a lot more on Wade Wilson in this one. A lot of this film, more specifically towards the first act, they've focused a lot more on Wade and his personal life and his relationship. Which is one of the things that does set this plot in motion.

Now for my issues with this film. This film, much like many others, has a few minor issues that just slowly began to add up as the film went on. The X-Force. If you guys have paid attention to any of the marketing they are marketing it as this sort of team up movie, and for the most part it kind of is, but a lot of the characters they are marketing like Bedlam, Peter, Shatterstar, and Zeitgeist are dismissed very quickly and almost seemed like they were used purely for laughs. Another thing that bothered me with the whole team idea is that it feels like it's using that specifically for the purpose of future films. One of the things that made the first Deadpool film so original and funny was he hated the idea of being in a team. He never wanted to be in the X-Men and that sculpted his character to be this guy that liked to work alone. Now, it feels like they added the whole idea of him being with a team for the purpose of making a franchise.

As I mentioned earlier, the relationship between Wade and Vanessa was essentially the foundation for everything that took place in the first film. This film does attempt to the same within a different set of events that take place in the first act and it does not quite work as good as it did with the first film. I struggle to write this in a way that won't spoil anything for the film so me being vague with this particular issue is a necessity.

Overall, the film is a great, enjoyable time. Most jokes land, and some really don't. The story is great and the characters are a fun time to watch.


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