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‘Action Point’ – Review

Action Point is a 2018 comedy directed by Tom Kirkby about a man who opens a dangerous amusement park and must fight to keep it open as a new theme park has opened nearby and is taking away business. All while dealing with a business man and his team of lawyers trying to buy him out. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Brigette Lundy Paine, and Susan Yeagley

I'm going to review this film for what it truly is, and that is an attempt to make another Jackass movie with a slight narrative. This film truly is nothing fun. It's pretty clear that they're marketing this film to be just another Jackass movie because they constantly mention that they're doing real stunts, and while that may be impressive for the 5 minutes that this film has of actual stunts the rest is a lazily written story with an extremely loose narrative with jokes that never land on their feet. I can't even begin to explain how boring this movie is. Watching almost felt like they just couldn't the rest of the Jackass crew to join Knoxville and they decided to do what they could with the remaining bunch, which only included Knoxville and Chris Pontius. It's not like the Jackass movies are the best things to ever hit the big screen but I would've much rather preferred seeing that than this pile of garbage.

The plot of the film truly is a 3o minute cycle that repeats about three times, just long enough to be a true feature film. The park is open, and then closed to some unforeseen circumstance in the plot. Then, it opens again and closes, until it finally ends. The only thing dumber than the plot are the lifeless characters. Although the plot may have been terrible some good characters may have added to the overall quality of the film, but In the end there was nothing that could have saved it. There was running gags that was played throughout that didn't do anything to move the plot forward, if anything it pulled it back and made it more boring as the film went on. The film is dumb, meaningless, and carries absolutely no substance. Don't waste your money on it.

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