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‘A Wrinkle In Time’ -Review

A Wrinkle in Time is a 2018 Disney film directed by Ava DuVernay about a youngA�girl, Meg, when she meets three beings in the universe who say they can help her find her father whoa��s been missing for four years she goes on a journey with her brother and a friend in a mission to find him. The film stars Storm Reid, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Levi Miller, and Chris Pine.

This was a film that I was very excited for due to the sole reason that I love science fiction movies and the trailers looked pretty great. It is with a sad heart that I say this film was an utter disappointment that I wanted to love but could not. The story itself that is carried in this film was a good concept and something that may have worked better if it not for the awful dialogue and pointless scenes. Throughout almost the entirety of the film I found myself annoyed and tired of hearing some of the cheesiest dialogue I have ever heard in a film possibly ever. Every line after another got worse and worse until it finally ended. The only thing worse than the dialogue was the delivery and performances behind some of the dialogue. There are some performances in this movie that are honestly so bad it made me cringe.

The films pacing is just as bad as the screenplay and acting if not worse. There is no tension built in many of the scenes so when it transitions to a scene with action it feels clunky and uncontrolled. There was never really a moment in this film where I felt genuinely interested in what was happening on screen due. I tried for the entire film to find things I could engage myself in and nothing.

My biggest issue with the film is there was one character in this film that I could not stand at all. Every time he showed up on screen I was annoyed out my mind. A young actor named Deric McCabe, he plays Mega��s younger brother and was never someone I took seriously. Ita��s more towards the first act that he really annoyed me as he has most of the dialogue in the first act that this film really relies on, towards the end therea��s a twist in the story that gives us a new side to him that really made me laugh because of how horrifically it is performed and delivered. It was not meant to be funny but I really could not take him seriously. There was a very clear attempt to make this character something that was taken seriously but it failed on every level.

The concept and story that this film contains is good it is just executed terribly, I really think this film had the potential to be something that science fiction fans marveled for years to come. The story is good but not executed well, the pacing is off, and there are some god awful performances. If therea��s anything that stood out that was genuinely great it was the visual effects. There is some great visuals in this film and some that are over the top like a giant Oprah. If the story doesna��t interest you, the visuals might. I give A Wrinkle In Time a 4/10.


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