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‘A Quiet Place’ – Review

A Quiet Place is a 2018 horror/thriller directed by John Krasinski set somewhere in the not too distant future where an extraterrestrial life form of some sort has arrived on earth. They hunt and prey whatever they can hear, so the only way to ensure survival is by staying quiet. The film stars John Krasinksi, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe.

Right off the bat I have to say this was easily one of the best horror films I've seen this year so far. The writing, acting, scares, everything is done right. Normally with films like this there is tension of some sort to be expected but as soon as this film began, from the first frame until the last, there is a feeling of just heavy tension all around. A film like this needed this exactly, and it worked in every aspect as I noticed there was not a single word said from anyone at any point in the audience. One major reason for that I think was really because it felt like you had to be quiet, the tension sets in and it really takes you there with this family watching every second creep by wondering if they will even make it to the end of the film. A gimmick, some might call it, but a gimmick that was highly effective and in the end pays off.

I'm not going to compare this film to another because this film was extremely well done on it's own, rather I want to give credit to my entirely favorite aspect of this film and that is the characters. One of my biggest issues with a lot of horror films is that a lot of the characters in them always piss me off because they're usually really unlikable or they just make really dumb decisions. I don't think making the wrong decision adds much tension to a lot of the scenes we've seen over the past decade because most of the time we can predict whoever is in that position is going to die anyway. What I find more fearful and intense is when the characters we are rooting for are making all the right choices and are still losing the battle in which it takes place. This film has some of the smartest choices ever made that I would never think of and still delivers on the intensity that is built around it, I loved the creativity and the tension. It carries with the story in every scene that this film carries out.

Another thing this film does very well is the constant shifting in perspectives from the audience to the characters. We've all seen the kind of horror cliche done so many times where a character is facing one directing and behind them some out of focus figure begins to move. With this film I could literally almost feel my heart beating out of my chest, not because I was afraid but because the intensity that is carried with the shots alone were enough to have me clenching a bundle of napkins I had in my hand. They do it equally in a way where we may know something the character on screen knows something but we don't and vice versa. This film is very well done in this aspect and I loved it.

Walking out of this movie felt like I was holding my breath for an hour and a half and was finally able to breath. Every scene grasps you and envelops you with the creepy and eery atmosphere that this film carries. If there was anything I did not like it was truly the ending that left me wanting more because there was no clear answer. I wanted so badly for it to continue but the minutes those credits rolled and the lights came up I found myself so unsure and wanting an answer.

In the end this film is a tension fueled thrill ride with amazing performances. Something very impressive, in my opinion, is how they achieved it, there's only a number of lines that are actually spoken in the film, a lot of this film relies on actual impressive performances and delivers. Krasinski and Blunt play the perfect couple which came to no surprise considering their status as a couple. Blunt particularly gives the best scenes of the entire film and Krasinki delivers a punch that also moved me to tears in the third act. The children in this film are just as impressive and that's not something I say very often. A�I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes the horror genre or likes a good story in general.


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