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Power Man and Iron Fist #1 Review

Power Man and Iron Fist #1

Comic review

ComicBoiz - Power Man and Iron Fist
Power Man and Iron Fist

Power Man and Iron Fist #1

Written by: David Walker

Illustrated by: Sanford Greene

     David Walker and Sanford Greene are the writer/illustrator duo of the re-assembled Luke Cage and Danny Rand! The comic takes place years after Power Man and Iron Fist went their separate ways. It’s a little on the mature side for the suggestive content, but it’s not too vulgar nor gory.

     Luke and Danny start the book off in a parking lot where it seems like they have serious matters at hand. While Luke is speaking vaguely of their task to Jessica Jones, Danny is in the background spitting cheesy, empty lines. Walker could have made Danny seem a bit more concerned of Luke and Jessica’s opinion of him by substituting the lines that currently exist to something that fit the tone. Later on, Danny’s witty remarks seem well-suited, because it adds to his character rather than break the scene.

     Sanford Greene’s artistic contribution to the comic was uncomfortable to me at times, but his style is unique. Faces seemed disarrayed to me, but it may have just been his design that went over my head. However, the color from Lee Loughridge captured my attention. What needed to be warm was warm and what needed to be bold was bold. I felt like the scenes were much more enveloping because of Loughridge. There’s also identity markers with color-coded sideboards that I thought was clever and helpful when they cut to flashbacks and off-page dialogue.

     The story is somewhat intriguing,which kept me turning pages, and Luke has a couple of funny jokes about avoiding swear words because of his kid. The curse jokes are showing that Luke Cage has a life away from fighting crime, and that includes setting examples for his daughter at home. During the one fight scene away from story development, a lot of action is present. The mix of color, specific body positioning in the art, and amusing one-liners makes the brawling an enjoyable experience.
The ending is predictable, but I definitely want to see what kind of business Power Man and Iron Fist are gonna be dealing!

     I recommend picking up this issue and possibly staying on the series, because I have much interest in the melee tag team. Find out how to pick up the issue from Marvel’s website here.


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