‘Peter Rabbit’ -Review

Peter Rabbit is a 2018 film directed by Will Gluck which is a retelling of the original story, written by Beatrix Potter, in which a rabbit attempts to steal food from his neighbor’s garden. In this film it essentially starts with this concept but quickly turns into something very different. After the farmer dies, his great nephew comes to his previous home in an attempt to flip the house and make a quick buck. After he falls for the neighbor the rabbits in the neighborhood concoct a plan to get rid of him. The film stars Domnhall Gleeson, Rose Byrne, and Sam Neill and also features the voice talents of James Corden, Colin Moody, Daisy Ridley, Margot Robbie, and Elizabeth Debicki.

There is not much to say about this film or the others that this film is going up against this weekend. Fifty Shades Freed? Really? We need three installments of this franchise? I watched this film thinking it would be better than watching Fifty Shades first, and it was, but the film itself really has nothing. A few good laughs, yes, but there was a lot (And I mean A LOT) of jokes that do not work at all. The humor was trying in many scenes to capture the essence of what might’ve been seen in Paddington but does not work on any level. The humor does not impress and I’m sure kids probably won’t understand most of it.


The story itself runs out of subplots to lead us to the climactic moments of the film and gives us bullshit scenes that don’t add anything to the movie other than attempting to make us laugh. There are tons of subplots that are spread throughout the movie that all have the basic same premise but executed in different manners over and over and over again. It even tries to add an emotional undertone that never establishes it’s foundation as they mention it for a second and is then quickly dismissed by some “Witty” line by another rabbit which never lets us learn anything about any of the characters. Anything we do learn is told directly for the audience to understand which technically gives us nothing but a lazy script.

The animation is great I will admit that. All the wildlife in the movie looks great for how it look but If I were to talk about character development or any character in general I don’t know where I would I start. They make this film look like it’s generally about the rabbit and the neighbor being the general antagonist but it never really is clear. They give us a big storyline that follows him dating the owner (I’m not really sure if she owns them as they live in a tree and never establish this) and tries to make us give a shit about them and their relationship and we never do. I mean, let’s be real, this is a kids movie. They are not gonna care about a relationship between neighbors, and even if they do introduce a storyline like that we need something that adults and children will enjoy at an equal level. Many people can argue that kids movies are nothing more that just kids movies. Pixar is the best at this because I have enjoyed all their movies since I was young and still continue to.

Overall this movie has mindless fun that kids will probably enjoy more than adults which is a huge drawback for many parents. It has some fun sequences and a few good laughs. The story lines in this are mundane and quite boring in many aspects. The animation is good but not much else in this movie impresses me. I give Peter Rabbit a 5/10

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