Moon Knight #1 Is Everything You Could Ask For

Moon Knight

Moon Knight #1 is everything you could ever want out of Moon Knight. The thing that grabbed my attention to begin with was the fact that he was in a mental institution and he has no idea how he got there. If that isn’t already making things interesting then maybe the fact that there are some brutal male nurses that come in to rough him up on the regular.Then to add another level of craziness he is talking to Khonshu for help and then he sees that Moon Knight was on the news even though he is in the institution. He then looks over and sees his significant other sitting there in the institution as well. I think all of these things were awesome but the best part was when he made a mask and once he put it on he saw everything for what it was the nurses weren’t even human they were supernatural creatures. After that realization he beats the crap out of them and attempts to escape and once he reacts the roof he sees the city has been taken over and is being invaded. The creatures then catch him as he is in shock and take off his mask and by doing so he sees the city untouched and unharmed. This was so cool to me because now we don’t know if he is crazy or if he’s really held prisoner in this place. 

If you haven’t picked up this issue of Moon Knight then do it! Thanks for reading guys was my first of many reviews on Moon Knight and I hope you guys check it out!

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