‘All the Money In The World’ -Review

All The Money In The World is a 2017 film directed Ridley Scott about the true story behind the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. When the captors demand an outrageous amount of money from his grandfather an ongoing negation between the captors and the mother of the child arises along with the tension. The film stars Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, and Mark Wahlberg.

Although it is now December and this film released over a month ago I am just now reviewing it as I’ve been more caught up with some more recent releases. I am glad I was able to catch this film (better late than never) because it was absolutely riveting. From beginning to end the screenplay and dialogue in this film had me mesmerized. There was never a moment in this film or a line even that felt out of place or even felt out of tone. The deliverance of all of the lines and the performances are even better as well. As I’m sure everyone was aware Kevin Spacey was in this movie at one point and was cut from it after allegations arose, he was quickly replaced by Christopher Plummer and it was really I think a wise decision that can not go unnoticed. Plummer gives one of the best performances I’ve seen from him possibly ever. Seeing him portray this greedy, selfish man was one of the most astounding things I’ve seen from the past year. His performance is amazing.

As I mentioned before, Michelle Williams plays the mother of the young J. Paul Getty III and does an amazing performance as well. I always love seeing her on screen especially in this movie. As most parents would be in her situation she is constantly worried and stressed to the max and it shows, she truly gives her all in this performance and her effort is very clearly seen on screen. Her performance reminded me a lot of Hugh Jackman’s in Denis Villenueve’s Prisoners, only his felt much more full of anger whereas hers felt much more sorrowful. Either way, she does a great job and it pays off quite well.

If there’s any issue I have with this film it’s that the setup and almost the entire first act felt like I wanted to keep watching yet also somewhat dull. There was never any point in the movie where I felt bored, as I said before the script and dialogue is fantastic. Most of the second and third acts actually feel like there’s progress being made in the recovery and well being of the child, whereas the first act of the film there’s a lot of just people answering phones and going back and forth that doesn’t get anyone anywhere until there is any sort of consequences.

There was never anything in this movie that felt like a major flaw just minor things that felt could have been written in and been easily fixed. Another minor issue is that there’s never any real reason to care about the child. Most of the movie I wanted him to be found and saved but there really was no emotional attachment to that character or any reason to really care what happens to him because things do happen to him (no spoilers) and I really could not care less when it did happen, all I really cared about was the recovery and making sure the mother got what she wanted.

Overall I’d say this is a very well written film with amazing performances from both Plummer and Williams. It can feel lengthy in some scenes but I’d say it is well worth the watch. I give All the Money in the World an 8/10.


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