‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ -Review

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the third and final installment of the Maze Runner trilogy directed by Wes Ball that picks up somewhat close to where the last one left off, the film follows Thomas and the rest of the crew trying to rescue their friend, Minho, all while attempting to also find a cure for a virus called the Flare that could be the end of humanity. The film stars Dylan O’ Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Kaya Scodelario, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

It seems like this film may kill off what has come to be the teenage dystopian future sci-fi genre that we’ve come to know in the past decade with movies like The Hunger Games, and Divergent. I’ll be honest and say that I enjoyed it when it began with every movie and slowly began to dread every chapter that came after it’s predecessor. This movie really was no different, I didn’t exactly care to see it considering how mundane the last film was. This has not changed at all in any way even though the last half of the film is practically one giant long action sequence that bored me to no end. The film presented nothing new and just about everything that was done could be seen from a mile away. They present characters and their actions to be much bigger than they actually are and it never succeeds due to the fact that they never really do anything make you give a shit about them. In my experience I often care more about characters when there’s something to lose or are even somewhat interesting, of course there’s everything to lose in this film but it does not at all feel like there is. People could have died (some did) and I would not have cared less (I didn’t)if they did.

The first 30 minutes of this film I was almost expecting to like it, the beginning of it was actually a lot of fun. It throws you right into the action which usually doesn’t work for most films but somehow did for this one, regardless the first 30 minutes of this film is fun, it’s interesting, and the best factor is it has an objective, even though that objective took an additional hour and fifty minutes which were highly unnecessary, the beginning of it is a lot of fun but it also makes you realize the rest of this entire movie is essentially something that may have worked better as a sub plot, a rescue mission. I have no problem with that being the plot but it is really is not structured well enough to work for the whole movie. There’s way too much stuff going on, and with boring characters, bad pacing, and abandoned subplots thrown throughout the film it does not work on any sort of level.

The biggest issue I had with this film overall was our antagonist. Now anyone who recognizes Aidan Gillen from the popular tv show “Game of Thrones” knows that this man can act. He is extraordinarily good at playing a character that is just a conniving and evil little snake. He’s a great actor, and for what he’s given in this movie to work with he does well, but this character almost feels like he doesn’t belong at all in this movie because of the way he is portrayed. He is a small man that is trying too hard to play the role of someone that should be feared. Any scene containing him where he is supposed to be powerful and evil falls flat on its face and does not work on any level. I’m not saying it’s a bad performance because for what he’s given he does well, it just doesn’t feel like it belongs or even works in this movie.

Overall the film isn’t great, barely watchable through most of the second act even, but as I had mentioned before the film introduces us to a lot (and I mean A LOT) of subplots and characters that are dismissed quickly and forgotten left in the story to rot as the rest of the film continues to make an effort to survive much like the characters in the film itself. There’s a love story in there too that really is boring too, usually that can interest me enough to continue watching the movie mindlessly but this one was just as lazy and as dumb as the story. In the end, the beginning of this film had a great premise but began to become boring and felt like it would never end. By the time this film was over I was clapping, not because it was great, but because it was over and I was tired of watching it. I give the Maze Runner:The Death Cure a 4.5/10.

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