‘LUKE CAGE’ Season 2 Begins Filming!

With The Defenders wrapped and on its way to release, more seasons of Marvel’s Netlfix shows can finally begin production. Now Luke Cage joins Jessica Jones in filming its second season in New York.

With little news after its announcement, season 2 of Luke Cage has reportedly begun filming this Tuesday in Brooklyn. The successful Marvel series was quickly renewed by Netflix following its September 2016 release, but production had to wait for The Defenders to be completed before it could begin. But with news just breaking of a planned 2018 release, it makes sense for filming to have already begun.

We don’t have any news to accompany this, such as a new or returning cast, but it’s at least safe to assume star Mike Colter is on set. And with no news of a replacement, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker should also be returning. The show filmed last season under codename “Tiara“, so if you live in the local area be sure to try to check it out.

Luke Cage joins Jessica Jones, which is also currently filming its second season in New York at the moment. Daredevil has been renewed for a third season and thus should begin filming sometime this year as well. It was recently reported that Netflix has scheduled all three shows for a 2018 release, so fans can expect a triple dose of Marvel on their streaming screens next year.

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