Doom Patrol #2 Review – Negative World



Written by Gerard Way

Art by Nick Derington, and Tamra Bonvillain

Published by DC Comics

Release Date: October 12, 2016

Here we are on round two of DC’s YOUNG ANIMAL imprint of DOOM PATROL. Issue two has provided us with a few things we mentioned that we were excited about in our review of issue one. It’s surprising how many characters are being introduced this early in the series. The issue is a bit all over the place introducing a new character every couple of pages. The pacing of the story is steady, but we don’t dive too much into anything other than peeling open the universe bit by bit. Gerard Way writes this without revealing too much about each character but keeping us interested enough to know more about the future to come.

The issue begins with Larry Trainor’s origin, which is familiar, but questionable if this is what happened to him, or if it is what he’s replaying in his memories. The first page kicks off with high-intensity 3×3 panels, each box getting weirder and weirder as it progresses. All leading up to questions of who, what, and where is Larry Trainor?! Way seems to be taking a new approach to the name “Negative Man” by having him absorb the negative emotional energy around him to give him strength. Casey spends the issue discovering new things in every scene. From a complete Robot Man in her living room, Larry Trainor collapsed on the street, a fight in her now destroyed apartment, just why her vehicle seems to be talking to her, and Flex Mentallo revealing Dannyland. It’s a lot to take in for her in just one issue so we’ll see how she handles it all soon. We discover that Robot Man and Larry do indeed have a past relationship of some sort. Still, we ask: What are you doing Niles Caulder? Flex Mentallo also appears for the first time in the run. He’s looking more like Frank Quietly’s version of the character than previous Doom Patrol appearances. Flex Mentallo, who is a parody of Charles Atlas, and has been a fan favorite since his creation in Grant Morrison’s run on the book. He’s called The Muscle Man of Mystery, with the power of being able to flex his muscles and alter reality. It will be interesting to see him in the comic book realm again.

Way’s creativity is sparking up with this second issue. Judging by how deep he’s diving into  Doom Patrol history he has many plans for each of these characters. He is steadily feeding us more and more of this world, I think any fan of the previous run will be satisfied and excited for what he’s doing for the book. Nick Derington continues with an amazing cover showing Larry Trainor on his knees screaming post-accident. The entire book continues to amaze us with his penciling work being detailed and emotional. Seeing the shock, anger, and happiness in every main and supporting character. His versions of the classic Doom Patrol team are keeping the series new and fresh for readers. The vibrant almost neon color choices Tamra Bonvillain uses keeps the reader’s eyes attentive and mesmerized. Without his coloring, I don’t think the book would be as psychedelic as it is. The combination of Way, Derington, Bonvillain  seems to be exactly what Doom Patrol needs for a great relaunch. There’s a lot going on at once here, but it’s leading to something great.

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