Doctor Strange

Directed: Scott Derrickson

Excellent movie, field of metaphysics with psychedelic images that make us enter to a new world, a visual show it worth the 3D.

Many of us could compare it to Inception, also seems The Matrix mixed with magic; there are even parts where we can’t stop comparing with “Sherlock” (starring the same actor as well), by the nature of the character: they both have a cynical, sarcastic, ironic humor, and sometimes we certainly say “hmmm Sherlock would say that”; we also may notice several similarities between Stark and Strange, his origin story is too similar to Iron Man’s (something tells me that they are already thinking about replacing characters in this universe); we will see his character more developed in the future.

The plot is not a master piece.

The excellent performance of the actors makes us forget the above, we get into that Marvel universe and the film gets up and walks by its own weight, works its own way.


Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, a character who seemed secondary, is there to help Benedict Cumberbatch’s character and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One is magnificent; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo did not entirely convince me, perhaps in his next appearance; the villains are quite flat and very bad, at least Kaecilius lackeys because he feels good and has his motivations.

The film has humor, but in this case, the cloak of levitation, one character that doesn’t talk, is great.


This time, Michael Giacchino has given a twist to the music with a big weight, not to mention Strange’s melomania.

SPOILER: The final villain looks nothing like his comic counterpart, not tell you more, just tell you that he’s Dormammu, even the personalities of him and Strange seems alike, pretty cocky and with a huge ego, narcissistic and arrogant.



Rating: 9/10

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