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Zazie Beetz In Talks To Co-Star In ‘Joker’

Now that Warner Bros./DC's Joker is underway with Joaquin Phoenix, now begins the process to find a supporting cast.

THR has reported that Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz is in talks to join the film. If Beetz does happen to sign the dotted line, the actress would play the role of a single mother who catches the interest of the man who is on his way to becoming the biggest Batman nemesis.

Beetz was most recently seen alongside Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in the hit film Deadpool 2 in which she portrayed X-Force member Domino.

Joker, which has recently received a release date of October 4, 2019, is said to be a dark and gritty character study along the likes of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy (both Martin Scorsese films - more on that later) with a much lower-budget than a modern day comic book film.

Going back to the film being inspired by Scorsese, Scorsese was originally attached to produce the film early on when the project was in early development. Scorsese is no longer attached to the film but Wolf of Wall Street's (another Scorsese film) Emma Tillinger Koskoff is now set to produce the film.

Joker is being directed by Todd Philips who is also co-writing the film with Scott Silver.

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