Darth Vader Set To Appear In The Han Solo Movie!

Darth Vader was arguably the most exciting and thrilling part of the very first Star Wars spinoff film and it looks like the creative minds over at Lucasfilm and Disney agreed as The Hashtag Show is reporting that the most iconic villain in cinematic history will be returning for the highly anticipated Han Solo spinoff film.

The rumor of Darth Vader’s appearance was rumored a few months back when the actor who portrayed the character in Rogue One, Spencer Wilding, dropped out of a scheduled appearances at Fandom Fest in Kentucky.

According to the Hashtag Show, a source very close to the production revealed that someone was on set for Ron Howard’s reshoots in the full Vader costume as recently as a few weeks ago.

As of this writing, the scope of Darth Vader’s involvement is not yet known but fans around the world have got to be excited about the prospect of yet another cameo from the biggest star of the entire Star Wars saga.

A Star Wars Story: Untitled Han Solo Film will be released on May 25 2018!

Han Solo and Chewbacca’s adventures before joining the Rebellion, including their early encounters with Lando Calrissian.

Source: The Hashtag Show

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