‘CYBORG’ Still On Track For A 2020 Release!

Justice League has been quite a hot topic in recent weeks with news of re-shoots surrounding the production, and one star has been kind enough to share some new tidbits regarding one of the film’s most major characters, Cyborg.

Comic Book Movie recently caught up with actor Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg’s father, Dr. Silas Stone. When asked if the young hero would hold any resentment towards his father for turning him into Cyborg, Morton had this to say:

“Yeah, some of that still exists in the film where Victor sort of feels like, ’yes, you saved my life, but look what you made me look like. I can’t go out and be a regular person.’ He has no alias, nothing to hide behind.” Morton said. “So what I think is great about that idea is you begin, in a metaphoric way, sort of talking about what it means to be “the other” in society. Even if you have something tremendous to contribute to society, the first thing that most social situations will do is ostracize you because you look different because they don’t know who or what you are. So I think that’s a big deal in this film for that character, and for Silas, and makes for interesting film making.”

For those not in the know, Victor Stone (Cyborg) has a very rough relationship with his father in the comics, so it will be interesting to see how that will translate on to the big screen.

Although the Cyborg solo film wasn’t mentioned at Comic-Con last month, Morton states that the film should still be on track for a 2020 release date.

“As far as I know it is still happening. I believe, although I’m not entirely sure, that it should start sometime around 2020. That seems to be a wonderful metaphoric year for these Cyborgs.”

Justice League will hit theaters on November 17, 2017

Source: Comic Book Movie

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