‘CRISIS ON EARTH-X’ Ratings: Arrowverse Better Than Ever

The fan-base behind the CW’s incredibly successful Arrowverse proved they are a force to be reckoned with during this year’s super powered crossover, Crisis on Earth-X. The two-night four-part event begins with Supergirl, the Flash, Green Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow coming together for Barry and Iris’ wedding; only to be interrupted by their evil doppelgängers from Earth-X – a parallel reality in which the Nazi’s won World War II.

Part 1 aired during Supergirl‘s regular slot (Monday’s at 8PM), and received a 0.9 Nielsen rating in the 18-49 year-old demographic. Arrow moved from it’s regular slot to 9PM on Monday for Part 2, and received the same 0.9 rating in the same demo. The two-hour block averaged 2.6 million viewers for the CW, making it the most watched Monday for the network since 2009.

Part 3 aired Tuesday at 8PM and had 2.7 million viewers, giving The Flash it’s average Nielsen rating of 0.9, and the finale of the crossover, which aired at 9Pm on Tuesday, received the same 0.9; boosting Legend’s of Tomorrow‘s viewership (2.8 million) to a season high.

If you haven’t watched Crisis On Earth-X yet, the rating’s speak for themselves. The four-part crossover is available on the CW App and their website for free, but if you still need convincing, read below the line for a short spoiler-free review.

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WOW! – that’s all I can say after watching what felt like a Justice League TV Movie. If you’re a DC Comics fan like myself, I can guarantee you’ll love every single one of these episodes. Crisis on Earth-X was a great way to bring these shows together, and even though I only regularly watch The Flash, the writers did a fantastic job at compiling 4 season arcs into a single-flowing epic. Topping last year’s Invasion! from the Dominators must’ve been a challenge, but in my opinion, Greg Berlanti’s all-star team produced their finest crossover yet – 10/10.


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