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Avengers Standoff #1 Review

Avengers Standoff #1

Comic Review

Avengers Standoff #1 is written by Nick Spencer with art by Jesus Saiz

Comicboiz - Avengers Standoff
Avengers Standoff

     Standoff opens in on a funny, ironic opening that did a perfect job of setting he audience up for what was coming. The comic is a somewhat cinematic opening considering the first plot point is introduced before the credits.

     Spencer’s writing was consistent the whole way through. Being one of my favorite comic book writers, I expected nothing less. He’s worked on Avengers titles before, which probably helped him create such a huge conflict. We all know the Avengers need some kind of universal catastrophe in order for us to see them save the day. Most of the characters had a similar sense of humor, which I did not want to see. I would have preferred more pinpoint characteristics. There were a few characters that stood out from the crowd, so they aren’t all bad. I do like the lightheartedness in this issue because I believe that’s what Marvel is known for; taking a pre-apocalyptic scenario and turning it into a laughing matter. Spencer nailed that aspect of the book.

     Saiz, the artist, gave me a style I like to see most in an Avengers series. He used clean outlines with a good amount of detail. The Avengers series always have something big going on and are typically story-driven, so the art from Saiz was spot on. It didn’t distract from the pages, yet it still had a personal touch to it.

     Great Job to both of those guys and Clayton Cowles lettering as well. The fonts agreed nicely with Saiz’s art style.

     I recommend this comic book because it’s going to be another good battle for the Avengers. There’s a heavy amount of villainous threat in the story, but I want you to pick up the series to see for yourself! Buy the comic at your local shop or digitally through Marvel’s website here. The creative team looks like a good match for each other. I have high hopes that this series will do a good job in creating another historical Avengers battle!


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