FOX’s New Drama ‘9-1-1’ – Pilot Review

FOX’s new drama from the minds behind America Horror Story (Ryan Murphy, Brad Fulchak), 9-1-1, follows a team of Los Angeles’ first responders – dispatch, fire/rescue, and the LAPD. The pilot can only be described as such: a drama – from it’s opening sequence I have been on the edge of my seat.

*SPOILERS for 9-1-1 follow!*

Starring Connie Britton, Angela Basset, and Peter Krause, as dispatcher Abby Clark, police office Athena Grant, and fireman Bobby Nash, respectively. It was clear in the shows opening that the rescue missions in the episode will keep on coming – full speed ahead.

In the pilot alone, the writers managed to fit in the exposition of three main characters in with a plethora of suspenseful moments; Abby Clark’s mother has Alzhiemers, Athena’s husband just came out of the closet to their two children, and Bobby Nash is a recovering drug addict/alcoholic… but also, a boy almost drowned, a baby was flushed down the toilet, and a little girl survived a home robbery. Jam-packed, yes, but nevertheless entertaining as hell.

Another thing I liked is that it wasn’t too thick to get through, I have a hard time watching most dramas because the emotional part of my brain gets worn out – not this show though. There was just the right mix of comedic relief to get me through, and it really helped me enjoy the full hour.

So what happened to all of those victims I mentioned? The first responders did their jobs, and that’s the only resolution we really get; so I don’t think we’ll ever find out, and that’s okay. The nature of the show seems to derive from it’s main characters, and the struggles within their lives, not just the conflict’s the encounter at work.

It’s been a while since I watched the pilot to a drama and got hooked for the rest of the season, especially with out an ‘ominous looming doom’ that most try to hook you with. If you missed the premier of 9-1-1, it’s now streaming on Hulu.

New episodes premier Wednesdays on FOX at 8PM!

Overall: 9/10 stars

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